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Deus Photography – Professional Wedding Photographers, Engagement Photography and Family Photography

Matt started Deus Photography as a creative outlet in 2010 and after Jane hired his professional wedding photography services on behalf of a friend in 2011, we joined hands and embarked on the crazy ride that is living and working together 24/7 .   We moved our photography studio from Sydney to Brisbane 2 years ago but still find ourselves regularly in New South Wales, with many of our clients choosing Sydney, Byron Bay or beyond for their weddings.  We are professional wedding photographers and also offer engagement, pre-wedding and family photography.

If we had to summarise our philosophy in a few words, it would be something like this:   Experiencing a true love is worth celebrating.   It’s worth savouring and cherishing.  A true love with your partner and children will have its milestones and evolutions, and it will be something unique between you.  It is this that we want to capture, in a form that is natural and will resonate with you every time you see an image, whether this be now or in 50 years’ time.

Every aspect of Deus Photography and Deus Life is managed by us.   With two young babies, we don’t often shoot together for the moment; Matt will photograph your wedding or engagement, while Jane mainly focuses on family portraiture sessions and album design.   To allow us to keep our standards high and our family life a priority, we only accept 30 weddings a year and a small number of portraiture sessions per month.  We also love to travel and have photographed in Fiji, France, Colombia and right across Australia.  If you’re getting married nearby or across the other side of Earth we’d love to join you.  High on our wishlist includes Tasmania, anywhere with vineyards, China, Fiji (again), Thailand, New Zealand and Italy.  A small number of spots are still available in 2016.

…and now for a little more about us.

Jane’s Interview with Matt, about Jane:

So Matt, tell me about myself?    In a nutshell? Oh no Jane, you’re in a nutshell, how will you get out?! You are extremely thoughtful, you have very strong family values and would do anything for anyone in your life, you are determined and stubborn and never give up until you are happy you’ve done the best you can, you’re an AMAZING mum!…..can I say that you are tall and sexy?

What’s my favourite thing in the world?   Our babies….oh and chocolate….if you hadn’t just been converted by IQS!

What do you love about me? (try and stick to 1000 words or less!):   Your ability to sneakily put two questions in this that are much the same so you can hear more about yourself?  No that’s fine darling.   *cheesy grin*   You’re very good at just about everything, you never settle for anything but the best, you’re pretty funny too (almost in my league!)!  Your focus and determination is like nothing I’ve ever seen before which is probably why you’re so successful at everything you do.  And…your uniqueness – that little something special, that little touch of Jane, that goes into everything you do…I love that more than anything.

Why do you like working with me?   We compliment each other in our views and tastes, we can rely on each other, we know what each other likes and dislikes and so we naturally work perfectly together to get a very broad spectrum of vision.   Like Sid and Nancy, Big Ted and Jemima, Hoot the Owl and Jimmy Giggle, the Queen and her corgis – we just go together!

What’s your favourite memory of me?   When you cried as you first held Louis on your chest after he was born.


Matt’s Interview with Jane, about Matt:

So Jane, what first attracted you to me *cheesy grin*?    You were incredibly caring and nurturing, you were so genuine and excitable and cruisey and up for anything and were an AMAZING cook and hand-drew me roses and would do anything for me and didn’t say a word when I made the most terrible dinner on our first date and you actually gave up smoking for me!   But I knew you were a keeper when, not long into our relationship, you made me chicken broth from scratch and took care of me despite my head being 3x it’s usual size after major dental surgery.

What can’t I live without?   Coffee, wine, sleep, those awful meat sticks, your camera, and music.  Oh and changing nappies.  You LOVE changing nappies.

What would I be if I wasn’t a photographer?  You’d be wanting to be a photographer. Or something just as artistic.  Like a mime artist!  Or you’d open a cafe in Byron Bay which turns into a discotequé at night so you could resurrect your DJing skillz.

What does Deus Photography mean to me?   I think it’s the first job in your life that you are immensely proud of.  You love it like one of your children (and it probably keeps you awake at night as much as our 1 and 2 year olds do).  It gave you new meaning to your life and every day you pour your heart and soul into it to make other people happy.  Cos that’s what makes you happy :-).

If I had a hashtag, what would that be?  #baddadjoke


That’s enough about us for now.    It’s really all about you.   Your day, your dream.   We would love to help you create it.

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